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A Class Action seeking to recover damages farmers suffered as a result of the Canadian Wheat Board’s mismanagement during the 2011-2012 pool period

Steven Shrybman of Goldblatt Partners LLP (formerly Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP)  is Class counsel, with Anders Bruun, in a proposed class action commenced in Federal Court on February 15, 2012 that sought to restore the Canadian Wheat Board and recover damages that farmers suffered as a result of the Federal Government’s decision to dismantle the Board. Since it was filed, the scope of the proposed class action has narrowed considerably. Class counsel filed an amended action in Federal Court on August 11, 2015. The amended action seeks to recover damages farmers suffered as a result of the Canadian Wheat Board’s mismanagement during the 2011-2012 pool period.

The class action is brought on behalf of all grain producers, or their estates, who sold grain through the Canadian Wheat Board on or after August 1, 2011, and before July 31, 2012.

The lawsuit alleges that the Canadian Wheat Board mismanaged revenues during the 2011-2012 pool period and that, in so doing, acted contrary to the contractual, fiduciary and good faith obligations it owed Class members. The lawsuit alleges that, as a result of the Canadian Wheat Board’s mismanagement, Class members were improperly denied some $720 million in sale proceeds.

 Class counsel will seek to have the lawsuit certified as a class action. If the case is certified by the court, all persons who fit the class definition will automatically be included in the class unless they choose to opt out.

If you are a Class Member and you wish to obtain more information about this lawsuit from time to time, please complete the online registration form. Your information will be held in strict confidence, and will only be released as required by law or as you may consent.

By completing the form, you are simply asking to be sent further information concerning this lawsuit and its status from time to time. You are not retaining Class counsel. You are not assuming any obligation to participate in the class, nor are you assuming any obligation to pay legal fees. You do not need to complete the form to be a member of the class.

While Class counsel will attempt to keep you informed of the progress of this lawsuit, any information posted from time to time on this website and any other information provided to you by members of the legal team (by e-mail, phone or otherwise) does not constitute formal notice. Court-approved notices will be clearly marked as such.

The information on this website is general in nature, and may or may not apply to your individual circumstances. Nothing on this website and no information otherwise provided to you about the status of the lawsuit should be taken as legal advice with respect to your individual situation. Class counsel will not be liable for any person’s reliance on any such information.

Updates concerning this action will be posted on this website. For further information concerning this action, please call 1-888-746-6881 (ask for Tanya) or email Tanya at cwbclassaction@goldblattpartners.com

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Feb. 15, 2012 - Farmers launch challenge to restore Wheat Board and seek $17billion in damages. Read full release and backgrounder